Thursday, March 10, 2011

Safari in Kenya

Sunset during Safari

Through the trees, the tents that we stayed in at Amboseli

Me outside our tent

Steve outside the tent we were staying in.

We go in vans that have pop- up tops so that we can see and stand and take pictures




Gazelle and Wildebeast


Mt. Kilimanjaro

It was such a privilege to be able to go on a Safari while we were in Kenya. We were at Anboseli National park and Mt. Kilimanjaro pictured here. I believe if I have my facts correct that it is the tallest free standing Mountain, that is not a part of a Mountain range. It was breath taking to see. We stayed in a tent at Amboseli. That was great! We went on a Safari in the evening the day we arrived, and then very early the next morning. We go out in Vans that the tops can be extended upwards so that you can stand up and see the animals and take photos without being harmed by any animals. This is my second time to go on Safari, and I hope it is not my last.
I am in awe of God's beautiful creation. When I see the Lion, it reminds me of Jesus. He is described in Scripture as the Lion of Judah. (Revelation 5:5) To think that we serve the same Creator that spoke these things into existence. I praise you Lord for Your beautiful creation!

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