Monday, March 3, 2014

"I went to Kenya to teach" by guest blogger Synora Cummings

Today I have the privilege of having Synora Cummings as my guest blogger. Synora is a member of Hocutt Baptist church where I serve alongside my husband. I am so proud of Synora. She listened to the Lord and went all the way to Kenya, even though she has small children. She told me, "When God says go... you go!"
It was such a joy to be able to go to Kenya with Synora.

Here is what she has written about her experience in Kenya:

I went to Kenya to teach, but what I learned was

     the spirit of humility,
     the spirit of patience.

I learned to be flexible in my flexibility.

I learned the spirit of serving with a cheerful heart
     the spirit of receiving with gratefulness.

I learned that time can stand still when you close your eyes and open your ears to the laughter,
joy, and communion to what seems to be less, but is far greater than any physical possession.

I went to Kenya to teach, but what I learned is a longing of the fullness of God,

     a freedom of worship,
     and everything is a song.

I learned the joy of a child's heart is the very delight of His.

I learned there is no offering too small and there is nothing greater when given with a heart of purity.

I learned that God is everywhere,

     the sun on my face,
     the wind in my hair.

I went to Kenya to teach, but what I learned is to say YES and live beyond my fears trusting and believing that He is with me, breaking every barrier I have built, equipping me.

I learned that a clenched fist only gives white knuckles, but when I open and outstretch my hand,
God can do big things.

Synora Cummings
Kenya Mission 2014
Hocutt Baptist Church

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