Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teaching and Learning from the Kamba women

     February 7th we traveled to Machakos to teach the Kamba people.  Betsy and I taught. I taught first, and once again taught on Hannah.  I was blown away by the women's questions at the end. I was so glad that between myself, Betsy and Marilyn, we could answer them. One thing that I noticed was how differently the Kamba ladies reacted to the same story in the Bible about Hannah.  They did not focus on the second wife because these women are not co-wives with another woman.

     One thing that blessed me so much was the way these women would review everything they heard in the lesson. They would talk to each other go over everything they heard. They would build each other up, encourage one another to do what they each heard in the lesson. In talking with Trevor about this he called it, "Oral tradition". Where they would tell everything back to the teacher and to each other. Then they may pass it along to others in the village who may not have attended the conference. I don't know who was blessed more by this, the other ladies who attended, or me? By the time they were finished summing everything up they heard, I had tears in my eyes!  What wonderful listeners they were, so hungry to learn and to know more about God's Word.... What wonderful, godly women.

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