Friday, February 21, 2014

Kenya Mission trip 2014/ Maasai women

     I have not blogged since our last Mission trip in October! I went on another Mission trip in February. This time the trips were very close together!

     February 4th, we went to speak to the Maasai people. It was a very hot day, as usual. We spoke to the Maasai women under a tree. Betsy spoke first to the women on marriage, then I spoke about Hannah in the Bible. They were a little bit animated at the end of this because Hannah in the Bible was one of two wives to Elkanah. Since so many of the Maasai women are co-wives with other women, they found a kin-ship with Hannah. They felt for Hannah who was being teased and harassed by Penninah. This opened the door for many questions from the Maasai women. Marilyn followed up with a talk about our hearts. The condition of our hearts, and how to also be kind to one another because God was kind to us and forgave us.  I did not know Marilyn before this trip. She is from South Africa. She is a lovely woman and a wonderful teacher. What amazes me each and every time I go to Kenya is the team that God puts together! Even though we did not get together to co-ordinate our lessons, they all went together so well, and flowed perfectly together. Almost like one lesson would follow-up and answer any questions from the previous lesson. That is only something that God can do... He still amazes me!

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