Monday, October 21, 2013

Kenya Mission trip/ 2013, Machakos people

     I was looking at my blog today and realized I did not finish blogging about my Kenya trip!
From my journal:   (Date: September 17, 2013)

     I want to tell you about a new group of people that we went to teach. The "Machakos" people, are a warm, and friendly group of women. They are quick with a smile and I found them to have a good sense of humor. They are eager to learn. The conference was held in the Kiima Kimwe Baptist church.

     I taught on The Shunamite woman and Jochebed and Miriam. I also taught on Psalm 91, "Under His Wings". The women who interpreted for us did an excellent job.  That is such an important thing! If the women can't understand us, then God's instruction to them through us can be hindered.

     I enjoyed dancing with a woman whom I just felt a strong connection with. She had such a warm way about her. She could speak a little English and we talked about her daughter who had been having health problems. She mentioned she would not be in attendance for tomorrow's sessions. How happy I was however  to see her attending the very next day though. In speaking with her, her daughter's problem was resolved easier than once thought by a simple Doctor's visit. Praise the Lord for that! Also, PTL that I could fellowship with her again.  I also enjoyed all the chubby-cheeked babies! I had to restrain myself from pinching their cheeks. But I managed to control myself.

     One of the things that was so sweet, the Machakos people presented us with gifts on the last day that we were there. They gave me a straw tote bag and the other women of our team, straw purses. They gave all of the men exquisitely carved wooden canes. I enjoyed watching them during the presentation time. The joy that they received from giving to us was really a blessing to see and to experience. I will never forget this...

How special they are...

to us...

and to God!

 My interpreter, Susan

Precious children

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