Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Day of Kenya Mission trip, 2013- I Can Fly school

     The first official day of the Kenya Mission trip for me was at the I Can Fly school in Machakos, Kenya,  on September 16, 2013. We were greeted by a lovely young black American woman named Sha' Givens. Sha' was so excited and proud to show us the school and especially the Butterfly Project dormitory and new beds.
     Let me tell you a little about Sha'. She is from Los Angeles, Ca. The Lord spoke to her and told her that she needed to go to Kenya and help the young girls in East Africa who are to be child brides. She helps them cope with unimaginable things they have endured physically, or could possibly be facing the prospect of enduring physically.
     I recently blogged about "Here's to the Shero's the Unsung Hero's". I have to tell you I was so impressed with this young lady, I have to add her to my shero list! This young woman left home and family to pursue the call of God. I am sure that many people, maybe even some in her own family, don't understand this.
     My experience at the school was wonderful. I was so privileged to teach the 9th through the 12th grade the subject "Decision Making". Each and every child was attentive and polite. What a joy it was to be with them. When I was given the topic to teach I wondered what God was going to do. I was able to get Stuart Burgess' book, "Hallmarks of Design" from our recent Creation Ministries conference. So I was able to tie-in about how God designed our brains in an amazing way. The fact that God designed us to be intelligent enough to make decisions at all is a wonderful thing! Another "God thing" involved the fact that Linda, another member of our mission team, had brought with her a poster showing the inside of the brain. Neither one of us knew ahead of time what we would be doing, but God did! How awesome is that?
     I would love to go back to the I Can Fly school and teach again. Sha' and the children at the school were such a blessing to me. I will keep up with Sha' and what God is doing through her at the school. I will be praying for her and the students in the school. I will pray also that God keeps all the young girls in the Butterfly Project safe and under the care of His wings.

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