Friday, July 12, 2013

Special heart-shaped memories... a keepsake

     I have been given permission to share this with you by my daughter Ashley. I thought I should ask her since it is about her.
When she was a little girl, she loved to write little notes to me. Sometimes the note would say, "I"m sorry I was a brat today. Please forgive me! Love, Ashley. Others would be a get-well note.

     One I am looking at right now says, "Dear Mom, I hope you feel REAL better soon! I mean it. Love, Ashley. (Most of the notes included the words "I mean it.") Anyway, most of these precious little notes I have kept in a large hat box I call my "Joy Box". Because when I look at all of these little notes and cards from my children and my husband they bring me so much joy!

     About a month or so before Ashley's wedding, I was looking through my joy box. I noticed that on several of these little notes from her she would tape a penny. Bless her, she thought that if she included a penny in her notes that magically all would be well. She would be forgiven...I would feel better.  All would be right with the world! (I love the simple logic of a child's mind) 

     Well, I noticed on the note that I quoted to you, that the penny had a heart cut out of the middle of it. So it looked special. A penny with a heart. I know it must have meant a lot for her to give me that special penny.   So I decided to do something with it that would mean a lot to me, and hopefully to her.

     I took this penny with such a special meaning behind it to the jewelry store. I instructed them to put a hole in it and hang it on a bracelet for me. I then would wear this special piece of jewelry on her wedding day. That is just what I did!

     I got to share the bracelet and the story with my daughter Ashley before her wedding. It was a special time, and of course, this Momma cried!

     When you are a Mom, you feel like you are wearing your heart outside of your body most days. Sometimes on your sleeve... that special day my own heart was so full...

The occasion of my daughter, so happy. Marrying the man she loves on her wedding day.

I was wearing my heart on the outside again... this time it was dangling beautifully from my wrist.

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