Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Mother's Day reflection of an empty nest

Recently I was pulling weeds in my flower bed and I saw an empty nest in the tree. I have been thinking about that little empty nest a lot. In light of Mother's day, and the fact that I am a Mother, I was thinking about my own nest.

Last Mother's day I still had a bird in my nest. Daniel was still living at home then. So this is the first Mother's day that I have had an empty nest.

At first it was very hard. I know we hear the phrase..."Give your children roots and wings", but it's easier said than done. Until that time comes you think it's all going to be fine. I mean, you have been preparing them their whole life for this right?

But then you wonder....

What if their wings aren't strong enough?
What if they're not ready?

Well ready or not, that day finally comes.

He moved out last July to get his own place and to get ready to make his own nest. Which he did last November. I felt at first like he took a piece of my heart with him.

As I reflect on that today...

That's okay. There's still so much of my heart here in my nest... So much I have learned. So much left to learn. Yes, some of my heart is gone... but most of it remains. Remains with which to continue to build on my nest with my sweet husband.

So I can continue to give some more of my heart away.