Monday, June 25, 2012

Sing a Song in the Night

Last night I was staying in a hotel room and a bird sang late into the night keeping me awake. At 4:30 in the night, the bird started singing again and woke me. This time God spoke to my heart. He said to my spirit, " You need to be like this bird, and sing songs to me in the night. Sing songs to me when you are at your lowest, not just in the good times."

Job. 35:10 says,"But no one says, Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night."
This inspired me to write a poem, such as it is.

Sing a Song in the Night

There's a nightingale singing in the night
God speaks to my like this bird.
Sing a song to me in the night.
When the night is long, all is not calm... all is not bright.
You can't see me in the dark,
Reach out to me.
It takes faith...
Faith sings when times are stark.
Sing when your soul is bare.
I inhabit praise.
You will find me there.
I have led you to this dark place so you will find me.
Find me sweeter... Find me dearer...
To find your voice is stronger.
Let it soar to the heights!
You could sing before, though weakly.
The night brought out your richer tones,
More melodic and bright.
Sing a song for mercy.
Mercy that brings you through the valley
Where I am walking with you.
At times I even carry you.
Sing a song of deliverance.
Until you see the dawn break through.
Just know that I am leading you.
Whatever I may bring you to.
Until that welcomed time where the dawn is born.
Keep singing to me that song.
That song that I gave you.
That sweet song in the night.


  1. Just wonderful.....reads as a sweet melody of praise!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you could read what was in my heart!