Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tim Terrific!

I first heard about Tim Tebow in 2007. Steve and I and much of our church staff went to the Pastor's conference in Jacksonville, FL. While we were there we were introduced to a young man that played college football, named Tim Tebow. He spoke for a few minutes and I was so impressed with him.... I still am.
As far as I can tell, Tim Tebow is the same young man that shared his heart with us that day. As a member of First Baptist, Jacksonville, he grew up hearing great preaching from Jerry Vines. He was taught a solid Biblical foundation.
What is so impressive about Tim Tebow is that he gives God the honor and glory. When he scores a touch down, he bows his knee and thanks God. Back when he played college football he wore the black paint under his eyes with the Scripture verse, John 3: 16.
Once he started playing in the NFL, he was probably told that he couldn't wear that. But the Lord has a way of getting His message out anyway! Recently the big game that Tim played in, the numbers 316 kept turning up. In fact, they turned up at least three different times. The result of this was many people Googled "John 3:16". So many people found out the message that,
"God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." You see God was not sharing His glory with Tim Tebow. He will not share His glory with anyone! God loves people. He wants them to hear that message. The good news message of John 3:16.
When I think of Tim Tebow, I also think about the verse Proverbs 3:6, "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths."
When Tim Tebow bows the knee during a football game, he is acknowledging God. He is acknowledging Him in everything he does. That is what is so great and inspiring to watch!
Tim Tebow has caused this woman to start watching football and the reason has nothing to do with football! I am just drawn to someone who acknowledges God in all of his ways!
Our young people need a good role model to look up to. Our society is lacking in this area.
I think they are safe to look up to a guy who bends that knee, and humbles himself to an Almighty God! I thank God for Tim Tebow. I will pray for him. We need more young men like him. Keep on Tebowing Tim! It's a good example for us all.

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