Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I need to get out of the Way

2012 is here, another year is gone. The natural ebb and flow of life. It is the time when we reflect on what transpired over the past year, and the what will be in the coming year.
I have but one New years resolution for 2012. It is based on the verse, John 3:30. "He must increase, I must decrease".
John the Baptist is the one who said this. He was a forerunner of Christ. A man who came before Christ to prepare the way for Him. When someone asked if he was the Messiah he said, "I am a voice crying in the wilderness". He looked at himself as being unimportant. He was just "a voice", a vessel. He could have become proud and haughty. He drew a large crowd everywhere he went. But he was a humble man who knew his purpose in life. It was just be a voice!
That's what I want to do. Be a tool, an instrument of the Lord. Be a voice. Be whatever God has placed me here on earth to be. So, with that I realize... I have to get out of the way!
I have to decrease... He (Jesus), must increase.
That's something to really think about...
By the end of this year, I hope you can barely see me at all.
By the end of this year when you look at me... I hope you just see Jesus.

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