Friday, December 16, 2011

"Untangling Christmas"

Recently when I was sick I downloaded several free, or inexpensive Christmas books for Kindle. I have been reading, "Untangling Christmas: Your go to guide for a Hassle Free Holiday" by Karen Ehman and LeAnn Rice.
Just the cover caught my eye with the Christmas lights tangled around the young woman's legs. That's a good example of how we feel as busy women during the holidays! Why do we do that to ourselves?
Some good ideas she has are to talk to your family members and ask them what Christmas traditions are important to them. Even the dishes you fix. Does your family even like them? There are a lot of things that we put on ourselves during the holidays that maybe your family doesn't even like. So why not just let it go? You don't have to bake that fruitcake that nobody even likes! You don't have to do Christmas cards if it is something that takes up too much time away from what is important. Learn to let some things go!
One of the main themes in the book is: "Simplify, What speaks "Christmas" to you and your particular loved ones? Whatever doesn't... : LET IT GO. Just keep the Christmas traditions that unify your family and that are meaningful. So ask yourself, "What else can you let go of and not feel guilty about?"
Karen says, "Let's let go of "Perfect", our house doesn't have to look like it was featured on HGTV." We don't have to try to be Martha Stewart. ( She might need to get real anyway!)
She asks, " Are we trying to make memories and celebrate Jesus or are we trying to keep pace with the holiday crowd running beside us with no idea where they are headed?"
" Just where are you headed? Toward Christ and calm or toward clamor and chaos!"
I like the Chapter entitled "To Face Unafraid The Plans That We've Made". What kinds of grand plans have you made for you and your family for this Christmas? Can you face it "unafraid", or do you dread it because you have bitten off more than you can chew?
Karen had a great idea in her book about putting a box under your tree with pieces of paper that you have written things you want to do for Jesus in the coming year. Also put a nativity scene under the tree to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I like this idea. I think we will incorporate this for our family.
I did send out Christmas cards this year, but not as many. This Christmas season let's take a time-out for ourselves. Time to pause, " Bible and heart opened wide, and ponder the wonder of Christmas- the Word- made- flesh who came to earth in a lowly manger so we might have eternal life."
So let's take this good advice from one of the Chapter titles and "Seek the Saviour", wise "women" do still seek Him.
Stop and ask yourself, "Am I all tangled up this Christmas?" We don't have to be. Take some time and reflect on all the things that you are trying to get accomplished this Christmas. You may want to cut some of these things out. Cut your to-do list. It's okay, give yourself a break. Your family and friends will not mind. They will still have a good Christmas, and they will still love you. No one is giving out super-woman awards anyway!
So, let's "Untangle" our Christmas. What do you say?!

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