Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness (Operation Candy Cane)

During this Christmas season people are hurrying and scurrying about. The people you encounter at the check-out line are barely acknowledged. I have watched as I stand in line how rudely some of them are treated. So I decided to let the love of Christ show in little ways.
Operation candy cane.
Random acts of kindness.
Last weekend I did some Christmas shopping and I decided that I would give a candy cane to every cashier that helped me with my purchases. It was such a surprise to them when I would give them a candy cane and a smile and say, "Merry Christmas!"
I love the way their faces would light up, and they would smile back. They would tell me, "Merry Christmas!", in return. At Starbucks I was getting myself a treat. I gave the young man his candy cane, and he got so excited he turned to all of his coworkers and said, "Hey everybody, look what I got!"
So, I am challenging you to participate with me in operation candy cane. Let's lift the spirits of the people we come in contact with during the remaining Christmas season. Whatever random acts of kindness you can think of will be great.
Pay for the person's coffee in line behind you at Starbucks. Hide a dollar bill inside the toys at the Dollar Store. People have really shown their worst side during this holiday time. (Just think back of the stories on black Friday). Why don't we as Christians show the world something different? Wouldn't it be great if so many people did this that they reported this on the news instead of the fighting?
Let the joy of Christ that we have in our hearts splash over on others. In some of the stores I go in frequently, the girls know me. Stop and ask their names. Befriend them.
I'm not quite done with my Christmas shopping yet. Instead of dreading it, I'm looking forward to giving out my candy canes!
So, next time you go shopping, give it a try. Give out some candy canes. You may find that you lift two spirits at once. Theirs, and yours!

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  1. that is a wonderful gift of showing kindness of the Love of God,,,and I am sure it blessed someone's heart that day.