Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When our children were little we would pack up the trusty mini-van and head across to Springfield, MO to see my husbands family. One reason for the mini-van was so that they could each have their own seat and we didn't have to hear " He's touching me" the whole time.
Anyway, I thought that some of you young Mom's may want some ideas on how to survive a long car trip. So many families will be traveling this Summer to see sights, or family so I thought it would be a good time to share a few ideas that worked for us.
I packed a small cooler with drinks and snacks so that when the children were hungry we didn't have to stop everytime for a snack. Pack popcorn, fruit, things that aren't that messy. Also bring along a roll of paper towels and wet-wipes.
I would buy little toys, like travel games, books on tape, ( I know that is probably obsolete now), I wrapped them in wrapping paper individually. Every two hours, I would pull out something new for them to play with to keep them occupied. Now that we have the Dollar Tree, you can find things really inexpensive. Ashley being older, I made her a travel notebook with sheets that I ran off, of " Find All 50 States" license plate, and she would check it off when she found them. Also, I did a sheet on the State Capitals and she worked on that. She had a head's start on that for the coming school year. I bought several new "Sing along" type things. She learned the Books of the Bible by a "Sing along", don't remember the exact name of it. I also, had a book of lame jokes, a book that taught you how to do yarn tricks, How many of you remember how to do "Jacob's ladder"? Also, lot's of "How to draw" books. These are just a few of the things that I can remember, I am sure there were more things, but my memory is failing me after all this time.
I enjoyed those long road trips, except the parts when Daniel kept saying, "Are we there yet?" Even with my failing memory, I still have some good, sweet memories of us in the car singing

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