Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ladybugs, a Gardeners best friend

Finished painted ladybug (Pots of mint and parsley)

Painteded ladybug

Finished painted fern frond

Painted fern frond
Pot before paint (Pot of basil)
I love ladybugs! (Just don't want them in my house). I decided to paint on some of my flower pots. Painted a lady bug on the double pot. I wondered about what the purpose of a ladybug was so I thought I would look it up. Here is what I found out. (Written from a ladybugs point of view.)
Did you know that I serve as the "Ultimate Gardener Helper?" Gardeners and farmers love to use me instead of pesticides, because I too can save plants from being destroyed, except I do it in a natural way! I like to eat aphids and other bugs that eat plants. By making them my dinner, I can protect crops from being eaten themselves!
Even my larvae eat aphids and other plant eating insects from birth. Did you know by the 6th week of life, we already consume 5,000 aphids?! It's a pretty cool method of pets control don't you think?!
My pretty Elytra (wings) is actually used to make me not looks so good to predators. My bright colors tell them that I am not so good to eat. I can actually secrete a foul tasting, orange, fluid from joints in my legs, and will even play dead, if I am threatened by a predator!
Did you know that I come in many different colors scuh as red, orange, pink, yellow, white or black?
Did you also know that not all species have spots, and those of us who do have spots, lose our spots as we get older?
My antennae have a special purpose as I use them for touch, smell, and taste! Which reminds me... Did you know that my feet also have a sense of smell?
Well that's about all the info I have for you today. So the next time you see a little ladybug, just marvel at God's creation, and know that I am there to help you! See you in the garden!
(gathered information from fair)

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