Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Hot! Where Can I Find A Fountain?

Fontana dell' Ovato, Tivoli, Italy

It has been so hot here! It is only June 10th and the weather has been in the 90's this week. When the children were little we would let them run through the sprinkler on a day like today. The goal is just to stay cool.
I was reading this verse this morning and pondering on what it means. " The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life..." Proverbs 10:11. I was looking up some famous fountains and reading the descriptions of them. One of them said it was "refreshing". Once, I saw a romantic movie where the couple jumped into the fountain. It looked refreshing, like it just invigorated them! In pondering this I was wondering how we as Christians, if we are righteous, can be a fountain of life?
The answer is found in Psalm 36:9 " For with You (God) is the fountain of life...". So if we stay close to the Lord, we seek Him, we get to know Him and ask for His wisdom, we will have the "fountain of life", and because of that we, in turn, can be a fountain of life to others.
Our joy will be bubbling over, and we will be so refreshing to be around. Like a fountain on a hot, sweltering day. Wish I could find one to jump into!

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