Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission trip to Kenya

Monday, February 14th we are in the airports and an airplane, it is Valentines Day, but I still get to be with Steve. I think about the other members of my team who are away from their loved ones on Valentines day. I hope the Lord will do something extra special for them today! We arrive in Nairobi, and we stay in a hotel called the Jackaranda. We are up early on Tuesday on our way to Kiserian, Kenya where we will be staying at a place called "Whistling Thorns". On our way to the hotel Marie and I are talking in our van when all of a sudden we are slammed by another van. We are hit twice in the van we are riding in, but no one was hurt. My arm is a little bruised, and we are a little shaken, but we are all fine. Marie says that she has never been in a wreck before. Well, now she has! We went to a little church past Pastor Peter's church, but because of the wreck, we arrive late, and don't get to spend as much time as we would like with this group. I know the Devil certainly would have loved to stop us from what we set out to do, but we will not give him the satisfaction! How he would have loved to send the Pastor and his wife to the hospital in Kenya, or even worse, stopped us all together, but God was with us, and protected us. Thank you Lord for your protection on the way, and while we are here. You are a strong tower, and nothing can get to us unless it goes through You!

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