Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission trip/ Pastor David's church

Saturday, February 19th we drive a long drive past Liberty Church to Pastor Peter's brother's church. David Olonapa is also a Pastor and we went to his church for the day. It is a very hot day, more so than usual. We are so excited because we have 70 ladies, and over 100 children! Cameron and Clara are doing a wonderful job teaching the children, even though neither one of them have ever been to Kenya before. Betsy only teaches one lesson on the Redemption of Jesus. It is about how God's love changes us, and she also shared about her courtship with her husband, Joe. Because we have so many children today, Betsy goes to help Cameron and Clara, and they make colorful crowns for the children, they are so excited and proud of their gifts! I teach the whole day on, A shepherd's look at the Psalm 23, and Lord teach us to Pray, on the Lord's Prayer. The women are so attentive, and want to learn God's Word. Most women cannot read or write, but they still want to learn more about the Lord, and His Word.At the end of our time with them, we pass out Bibles to the men, and Pastor's who do not have Bibles. These are the Bibles that we took up money for at Hocutt, and Bay Leaf. The Bibles are in their language. They are so happy to receive them, and we are blessed in return to give them! We make the long journey back home, and when we get back to Whistling Thorns Marie says she is feeling bad, and we take her temperature and she has a fever! She was sick before we left, but she has gotten worse. We all think that she has bronchitis. She decides that she better not go with us tomorrow.

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