Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission trip/ Liberty Baptist Church

It rained last night, very hard, I know that they have had a drought here so I am sure the Maasai are very happy about the rain that they received. We drive from Whistling Thorns in Kiserian to Pastor Peter Olonapa's church, Liberty Baptist. Peter showed us the foundation for his new church, and the corner stone that has been laid. We have to wait for the ladies, and the Pastor's to arrive before we can begin, because the women have a lot of chores to do. They have to go and draw water, and bring it back. They have to cook, and so on. Once the majority of people are there we begin with like an opening assembly. This is when the Maasai men and women sing praises to the Lord, and dance their dance. I know these wonderful people are here for us to teach them, but they are sure teaching me something about true worship of the Lord! Betsy and I tried to dance, but we don't know what we are doing. I wonder if it's all they can do to not laugh out loud at us! The people are so friendly, and loving. Marie Allen, the oldest member of our team, teaches the majority of the day, and Betsy and I give one lesson each. We are served lunch of goat, chapati, cabbage and potatoes. It is good, and we know that they are giving us a sacrificial meal, and serving us the best that they have. Thursday, the 17th we are also at Liberty Baptist. We see some little bright red bugs crawling along the ground and I asked my interpreter Joel what they are and he said they are called "Children of God" because they come out when it rains. They are glad to see them because they think that they will bring more rain. Marie teaches again at the beginning of the day, a wonderful lesson on Mary and Martha. Betsy and I also teach. Betsy talks about God's love and redemption. They always love Betsy because they can see that she loves them! I teach about Jesus commands to His disciples with lessons on Repentance, Faith/Believing, and Loving One Another. They were eager to receive God's Word with gladness, and gratefulness. We had a wonderful day in the Lord!

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