Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission trip/ Church in Rift Valley

Friday the 18th, we make about a 2.5 hour journey to a church in the Rift Valley, near Narok.On the way we pick up Mark and Sharon Sweeting who live and work in Kenya, they used to be members at Hocutt. We are at a village that has a lot of poverty. We divide up the men and the women, as usual, we walk quite aways to where the women will meet in a little tin building. Betsy speaks to them about God's love, and then Sharon gives a wonderful lesson on Prayer. I speak on the Prodigal Son, and half-way through my talk it begins to rain. I really mean, it was more like a monsoon! It rained harder, and harder sounding like hail on the tin roof. I get louder and louder, and so does my interpreter. Walt comes to retrieve us, and tells us we must go now, the drivers are afraid that they may not be able to make it out. We say our goodbyes, and leave. So sorry that we can't spend the whole day with them, but if we don't leave now, we may get stuck in the mud! It is difficult getting out, the rain water is flowing down like a mini river. I pray the whole way out, and thank the Lord we did not get stuck like we did last year. We are definitely on a great adventure!

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