Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farewell for now

Monday, February 21st. Well, today is our last day to be with the Maasai for this trip anyway. We are back at Liberty Baptist church where Pastor Peter is the preacher. The people love him here, and he can really dance! He can really jump high when he dances, Michael Jordan could learn from him! Today instead of teaching, they have the men and women together. They want to have a question and answer time to be able to ask the team questions. They had so many questions that this went on for two and one half hours. We are happy that they have difficult questions because it shows that they are really thinking and studying God's Word. We sing praises and then eat lunch. The Maasai people are so gracious and hospitable to us.We then were given gifts by the women, then we gave them gifts. The Pastor's wife gave me a gift, and I gave her a gift. Trying to tell these dear, sweet, beautiful people goodbye is like trying to tell a family member you love goodbye. They are the most loving people, smothering us with hugs and kisses. One young woman laid her head down and just cried like a baby. Betsy cried, and I held it together until I got in the van to leave. I was waving out of the window, and saying " Olisetti", which is " Goodbye" in the Maa language. I thought I would actually hold it together until I spoke with Mike, one of our team members. I told him, " Mike, this may be the most important thing we ever do in our entire life!" Then, I cried my eyes out!! The Maasai people have a way of making a special place in your heart. I hope that we were able to teach them something. I know on the way back to our hotel, I prayed to the Lord, " Lord, I hope I made a difference in these people's lives, and He answered me in my spirit, " You're helping, but you're not the one whose making a difference in their lives, I Am!! Wow, yes Lord, I know. Thank you for the opportunity to "help" and using me to be on Mission for You!! I can't wait until next February to see my brother's and sister's in Christ again in this beautiful land- Kenya.

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