Saturday, February 26, 2011

Church, wherever God's people are

Sunday, February 20th we divide our team up and go by two's to different churches to lead Sunday school and worship. Steve and I go back where we went yesterday to Pastor David's church, we pick him and his three girls up. On the way to the church, we see several giraffe and gazelle's. Now how many of you see that on your way to church? Steve teaches Sunday school, and the ladies sing. We have our worship service next, and I start the service by singing two hymns. Then the ladies and the children sing. Pastor David speaks for awhile. Even though he is not preaching today, he has to preach a little bit. I told Steve later he had the "can't help it's"! You know when you just have a fire in you for the Lord and you have to tell it, that's what I mean. Then they had praise and worship, and the ladies danced. They wanted me to get up and dance with the Maasai ladies, so I did. They are so gracious, I don't know how to get my neck to go back and forth like theirs. They are so graceful and beautiful when they do it, but they were sweet for including me. Steve then preached on Timothy. He did a great job, but of course, I am biased! Then Pastor David wanted Steve to pray for the sick, which were many, including his own daughter. We then passed out gifts to the women and dolls to the children and we gave Pastor David more Bibles to pass out to his people. We joined them for lunch of goat, chapati, cabbage and potatoes. It has been a beautiful day in God's house!

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