Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aflame for God

Are you "burnt out"? Your candle has been burning at both ends and now the flame is completely gone out? How can we be so " on fire" for the Lord at a certain time in our life, and other times we feel like someone put a " wet blanket" over us and that fire is gone completely out?

I received an answer to that this morning. I was watching Beth Moore speak and she quoted this verse. " Is not My word like fire?" declares the LORD, " and like a hammer which shatters a rock?" Jeremiah 23:29.

Bless my soul, there is the answer! If we are doing things in our strength, speaking our own words, without seeking God's face,then no wonder we feel cold and distant! We need to be in His Word to stay " on fire" for Him. God says Himself that His Word is "fire". When you feel like you have drifted from God, and you have grown cold (even in your service to the Lord). Go to His Word, that is our power source, that's where the fire comes from!

In Scripture the Holy Spirit is a symbol of oil. He was a symbol of oil in the lamp stand of the Israelites. So we as modern day Christians today have the Holy Spirit within us as our "oil". When we put the oil of the Holy Spirit, with the "fire" of His word. Puff! we have an explosion! These two things together are combustible, and flammable. That is how we stay white hot for the Lord and for His kingdom.

In Elizabeth Elliot's book, " Through Gates of Splendor" she quotes her husband. Jim Elliot wrote in his journal, " He makes His ministers a flame of fire," Am I ignitable? God deliver me from the dread asbestos of 'other things.' Saturate me with the oil of the Spirit that I may be aflame....'Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God."

As I get ready to leave for Kenya, that is my heart's desire. To be " a flame of God" on fire for Him and His Word. To be "on fire" like the burning bush, where I am consumed with God and a love for the people that He loves, without burning out! Yes Lord! This is my prayer, and earnest plea.

A great hymn that goes along with this that I have been singing all morning is:

Set My Soul Afire

Set my soul afire Lord, for Thy Holy Word, Burn it deep within me, let Thy voice be heard
Millions grope in darkness in this day and hour, I will be a witness, fill me with Thy power

Set my soul afire Lord, set my soul afire.
Make my life a witness of Thy saving power. Millions grope in darkness, waiting for Thy Word. Set my soul afire, Lord, set my soul afire!

Set my soul afire, Lord, for the lost in sin, Give to me a passion as I seek to win; Help me not to falter never let me fail, Fill me with Thy Spirit, let Thy will prevail.

Set my soul afire, Lord, in my daily life. Far too long I've wandered in this day of strife; Nothing else will matter but to live for Thee, I will be a witness for Christ lives in me.

C 1965 Words and Music by Gene Bartlett