Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Life Interrupted

We start a new study today for the Women at Hocutt. It is a study on the life of Jonah. Entitiled "Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted". Some of what I write today comes from Pricilla's introduction, but I wanted to build on it.
Interrupted lives- this is probably an accurate description of all of us, sometime or other in our lives. We each chart out a tidy yellow- brick road of goals, and how we think things will be in our lives. I certainly have, and I bet you have too. Maybe without even realizing it. I've taken my life at times by the reins and asked God to conform to what I want to do, my timetable, my plans.
Your interruptions may differ from mine. A long time ago I would have told you that I would never be a Pastor's wife, never move away from my hometown. Never fly to the other side of the World to go to Kenya and tell people about Jesus. But then... Jesus interrupted my life. Interrupted my plans. I could have let my fear of flying immobilize me.But God was patient with me, he even interrupted my fears and lead me on a journey that I never could have imagined! On February the 13th I go on my third Mission trip to Kenya. One of the happiest moments of my life was dancing in Praise to the Lord with the Maasai women. Just think what I would have missed if I didn't let God interrupt my life! Interruptions come in all different ways, some good, some bad. We are really creatures of habit, wanting our own way. Not welcoming to change. The next time you feel a tap from the Holy Spirit to change course, to break out of your comfort zone. Do it, dive in, it just may fill you with the greatest joy you have ever known, and give you that sense of fulfillment you have been so longing for. Shh, listen, I can almost hear those dear sweet Maasai women singing now!

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